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Warehouse logistics

Logistic management of warehouses for third parties

From the purchasing and loading of goods, through deposit and storage, to the dispatch by couriers at agreed reference prices.

The services provided by SAVE in its warehouses include all of the activities dealing with the storage of products on behalf of third parties:

  • Acquisition and unloading of goods sent by the customer or his supplier;
  • Conformity control of the goods with respect to the transport documents;
  • Products inventory on each loading unit;
  • Application of stickers with barcodes to loaded units (pallets, boxes or other);
  • Location of loading units in rack shelving or in ground-mapped areas to make safer and faster all subsequent handling and picking operations;
  • Withdrawal of entire load units and / or single quantities of specific items according to the received shipping orders;
  • Preparation of the items to be shipped for each received order, including any additional items such as accompanying documents, sales invoices , etc.
  • Selection, preparation and closing of packages;
  • Advantageous agreements through SAVE with leading couriers;
  • Printing and application of consignment notes for the carriers chosen by the customer;
  • Delivery of packages.

Customization of warehouse management

In addition to standard procedures there are other services to meet the needs of customers, such as:

  • Returns management;
  • Unpacking, sorting and reconditioning of products;
  • Physical inventory sorted by product and programme scheduling as established by the customer;
  • Periodic disposal of unusable products;
  • Periodic disposal of surplus products  according to the criteria provided by the customer.

All of the described procedures are carried out with the help of direct radio hand-sets supplied to the warehouse personnel. In this way the central stock, location and procedural information system is constantly updated giving the operators current and accurate information about the items to be taken, shipments to be set up and many other services.



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SAVE has operated in the field of logistics and shipping services throughout Italy for the last 25 years. It owns 15,000 square meters of wharehouses in Milan (Melzo) and in Rome (Fiano Romano).

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