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Publishing logistics and publishing services

Shipment of magazines and publications by postal delivery

SAVE has worked since 1988 servicing publishing companies. It owns an information system which manages, on behalf of the publishers, the whole chain of subscriptions and periodicals, from the contact with the subscriber to the withdrawal of magazines from the printing-house to the delivery by postal decentralization to the 20 territorial centers, located throughout Italy.

SAVE offers the publishers its experience in the management of all services related to the delivery of magazines and printed publications. This is done either through the postal channel or the newsstand via DL or by couriers. It also offers the processing of the editorial returns for the certification and recovery of copies and inserts (gadgets and various attachments) with selection, storage and handling of materials to be disposed of.

Consultancy for the most favourable shipping rates

SAVE provides professional advice to access more favourable rates from the wide and complex range provided by the Poste Italiane (Italian Postal Service) including those companies enrolled in the  R.O.C. (Communication Operators Register) according to D.L. December 24th , 2003, n. 353 "Urgent provisions relating to concessional postal rates for the publishing industry."

SAVE assists the customer in all the processing steps, from addresses database management to the shipment of magazines or periodicals according to the customer’s criteria:

  • account opening practices and access to advantageous agreements;
  • newspaper validation documents (mandatory to get reduced rates by the Italian Post Office);
  • subscriptions management;
  • management and updating of recipient addresses;
  • standardization, routing and printing of addresses;
  • shrink-wrapping and packaging of printed publications;
  • printing and management of shipping documents;
  • decentralized shipping to the 20 territorial centres;
  • national shipping;
  • shipping of arrears;
  • management and delivery of the obligatory copies to national and local libraries;
  • counting and processing of the editorial returns;
  • management of product disposal, including paper, multimedia and gadgets.



Radio Deejay
La Repubblica
Zanichelli Editore
Messaggero di S. Antonio
National Geographic Italia
Viaggi Avventure nel mondo
Il Cacciatore Italiano
Marchesi Grafiche Editoriali
Loescher Editore
Nubu Jewels
Decoration Group


SAVE has operated in the field of logistics and shipping services throughout Italy for the last 25 years. It owns 15,000 square meters of wharehouses in Milan (Melzo) and in Rome (Fiano Romano).

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