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E-commerce logistics

Outsourcing of warehouse management for E-commerce

It is simple and profitable: we manage all of your warehouse logistics and you pay only for what you use, with no fixed costs.


Receipt of goods and generation of the digital inventory.


In legally and technically suitable premises and containers.

Management of orders and shipments

Packaging, shipping and generation of delivery slip and invoice.

Returns management RMA


A single point of contact to manage your IT infrastructure for e-commerce and logistics

We are specialists in the entire e-commerce life cycle
and we can interface with all the
most common e-commerce platforms.

drupal e-commerce
prestashop e-commerce
magento e-commerce
wordpress e-commerce

SAVE can help you to increase the sales of your online shop

Infrastructure designed for e-commerce logistics

All the tools and inventory management software you've always wanted

fasi della logistica e-commerce
  • Real-time visibility of stock levels;
  • Automatic integration with e-commerce platforms and CRM;
  • Automatic updating of the inventory on the  e-commerce / CRM platform;
  • Delivery by courier at discounted rates according to  SAVE agreement ;
  • Transmission, also automatic, of supply orders (with quality control of the goods);
  • Service customization according to customer’s  requirements (packaging, delivery slips,  invoices, etc.);
  • Returns management and customer service.

Simplify your organization and improve your efficiency, cutting back costs

Save time and money: e-commerce becomes 100% virtual


  • No more stock
  • No expense for  warehouse personnel (salaries, work counsellors, personnel selection)
  • No cost of packaging


  • Advanced warehouse management tools
  • Stock updated in real time
  • E-commerce and logistics team experts
  • Economic shipping rates according to  SAVE agreement


  • We are ready to interface with the most common  e-commerce platforms
  • You do not have to manage any expense: we provide you with the module and you're ready to start

Entrust the management of your e-commerce warehouse to SAVE

Working with  SAVE costs less than you think: our costs are comparable to those of any courier, but we do much more
The e-commerce warehouse management service is beneficial to companies of all sizes, including the smallest ones!

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SAVE has operated in the field of logistics and shipping services throughout Italy for the last 25 years. It owns 15,000 square meters of wharehouses in Milan (Melzo) and in Rome (Fiano Romano).

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+39 0765452206

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