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SAVE - Services and Logistics

SAVE was founded in 1987 to distribute the Gazzetta Ufficiale, the biweekly official gazette of the Italian state dedicated to “COMPETITIONS and EXAMS”.

An office in Viale Trastevere and a small wharehouse of about 500 sqm between Via Tiburtina and the GRA (Rome Ring Road): this is how SAVE began after the postal decentralization. Publishers needed to shorten their delivery times for their  publications purchased by postal subscription. These publications were delivered to the regional offices of the recipients by SAVE.

After the Ministerial Act in 1997 (28/3), publishers who took advantage of the postal decentralization were granted a discount on postal fees, authorising deliveries to 190 offices situated throughout the national territory

SAVE has handled over 50,000 tons per year of collected  goods and sorted over 85,000 pallets per year, delivered by its own means, for 120 publishers and 400 newspapers. Among its customers are:

  • Class Editori                (Class Publishers)
  • Giunti Editore                (Giunti Publisher)
  • Mondadori Printing
  • Il Sole 24 ore        
  • Associazione Bancaria Italiana    (Italian Banking Association)
  • Banca di Roma                (Bank of Rome)
  • Banco di Sicilia                (Bank of Sicily)
  • Gruppo Capitalia                (Capitalia Group)
  • La Manovella
  • Edizioni Master                (Master Editions)
  • Confagricoltura
  • Forza Italia
  • CGIL
  • CISL
  • Commissione Europea            (European Commission)
  • ENI
  • Federazione Italiana dei Tabaccai    (Italian Federation of Tobacconists)

Company History

  • 1995: purchase of a warehouse in San Giuliano Milanese (Milan);
  • 1996: purchase of the wharehouse in Via dell’Agricoltura 12/14 (7,000 sqm of which 2,500 sqm are storage area and loading / unloading docks; 3,800 sqm as yards and about 700 sqm as offices and services) plus a piece of land of 6,000 sqm;
  • 1998:  sale of the warehouse in San Giuliano Milanese and purchase of a wharehouse in Pessano con Bornago (Milan) - 3,100 sqm;
  • 1998: start of the working relationship with the Espresso Group, first with small promotional mailings, later with the delivery by postal subscription of periodicals and then with the acquisition of the arrears stock and the collection of the daily  newspaper LA REPUBBLICA for both storage and shipment of all arrears. Finally the distribution of magazines to D.L. throughout the national territory with the withdrawal and processing of returns ;
  • 2000: delivery of gadgets for KATAWEB and RADIO DJ
  • 2000: purchase of an estate (Warehouse C) 2,000 sqm in Fiano Romano
    Via dell’Agricoltura - Via Prato della Corte
  • 2000-2002 construction of a warehouse of about 2,500 sqm in Via  dell’Agricoltura 10;
  • 2001: distribution for the Espresso Group in Northern Italy;
  • 2002: purchase of a warehouse in Melzo;
  • 2004: purchase of the land adjacent to the Melzo wharehouse
  • 2004: improvement of the dedicated softwares: Management System of subscribers;
    Transport information system; Inventory and returns management system;
  • 2005: newstand arrears management system;
  • 2005: pick-up of returns from Italy and processing for Class Editori ( Italia Oggi - Milano Finanza);
  • 2006: pick-up and returns processing of the supplements of the local FINEGIL newspapers
    (a partner of the Espresso Group);
  • 2007: introduction of direct radio contact system for WMS and network connection among all of the SAVE structures;
  • 2008: real-time tracking and monitoring of all storage business;
  • 2008: purchase of SITMA, system for the counting of the editorial returns and related softwares;
  • 2008:  acquisition of the contract for the processing of returns in Northern Italy (Milan);
  • 2006-2009: enlargement of the Melzo structure;
  • 2009: acquisition of the contract for the  processing of returns in Central-Southern Italy (Rome);
  • 2009: distribution to the Central-Southern Italy DL for the Espresso Group;
  • 2008-2010: enlargement of the Fiano Romano structure - Via del Lavoro;
  • introduction of informative systems by Pierluigi Bracciani (September 1998): he has developed all of the software applications and procedures for the important know-how developed in this specific area.

SAVE today

  • manages the stock of arrears for the Espresso Group with approximately 130,000 references;
  • deals with the processing of the returns and the recovery of the products according to the targets defined by the client;
  • manages the paper, multimedia and gadget wastes, surplus to targets;
  • manages the legal obligatory copies for publishers (Law 15th April 2004, no.106);
  • continues delivery of products via postal channels and all related services (processing and printing of shipping addresses, cellophane wrapping and shipping by “decentralization” and “national”);
  • manages warehouses for third parties;
  • expands into new areas such as e-commerce.



Radio Deejay
La Repubblica
Zanichelli Editore
Messaggero di S. Antonio
National Geographic Italia
Viaggi Avventure nel mondo
Il Cacciatore Italiano
Marchesi Grafiche Editoriali
Loescher Editore
Nubu Jewels
Decoration Group


SAVE has operated in the field of logistics and shipping services throughout Italy for the last 25 years. It owns 15,000 square meters of wharehouses in Milan (Melzo) and in Rome (Fiano Romano).

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